Cool gadgets

How We Got Started

It has been a long journey from the furniture industry to envisioning the future. We excelled in the creation of a space saving and good quality furniture, but decided that we had the potential to expand our horizon. Shunning mediocrity, we took a leap with the hope of landing into innovative greatness.

Tauristar is nothing but the result of this vision. Technology is the window to tomorrow. Enabling people to make best use of technology in order to make things convenient and exciting for them, became our goal and we have been in that pursuit ever since. The products validated on this website to the market is done with the assistance of crowd funding from Kickstarter. This helps us to manufacture and sell at a very reasonable cost

This company is dedicated to manufacture innovative & creative products. We build a concept & then convert them to reality. We have multiple products that's awaiting to be manufactured. Hold on to this space & wait for more cool gadgets.      

Launching our first product in the market, we hope to go an extra mile to bring innovation in people's lives. We are working towards many more such exciting products to be introduced to today's world, and we can confidently say "The Future is here".

Abel john